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Here you can find links to download 3 DVD iso files containing the first 28 episodes of Holy Hallicinations and associated box and disc art. The can be burnt to DVD and watched on your TV (the video itself is NTSC but the discs are region-free and should be viewable on any standalone DVD player). The files can be downloaded as torrents or via HTML using the links below.

The torrents contain 4 files: the iso, two jpgs for the DVD box cover and disc label, and a text file containing the MD5 hash of the iso. You can use this hash to check the integrity of your downloaded iso before burning it if you want to be sure that you've got a good copy (see instructions).
You can download a copy of the torrents here (please remember to leave the file in the download location for a few days with your torrent client running in the background to help share the file with others):

If you're uncomfortable about using torrents, or they are now dead, the Youtube user Rytzch has kindly uploaded the isos to their Dropbox account and you can download copies by clicking the following links:


You can get the cover and disc art here:

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3


Additionally, the Youtube user itsmaxinthebox has very kindly hosted all the files and artwork on his blog, so you can download the isos and artwork from your browser at this link:

A number of subscribers suggested that putting together a zip of the mp4s would be useful since you tend to stream video to your TVs anyway. I decided against this because it's something anyone can do for themselves using either or a plug-in such as Download Helper. If anyone wants to do this, though, I'd be happy to put up a link to the torrent on this channel to help spread the word. Alternatively, ChristopherHitchslap has produced a 480p compilation of the entire series in two parts that you can find here:

If you need instructions, then I've provided some below:

If you don't know how to download a torrent then here's how. First, download and install a copy of a torrent client. Here are two for windows:

And for Mac:

And for Linux:

The download the torrent file (see the link above), and open it by either double-clicking it or from within the client software. Everything else should be automatic. If you do get a firewall problem, then you may have to tell your firewall to add the torrent client as an exception or tell it to open the port that you client says it is using. Once you have downloaded the iso, it would be nice if you left it on your hard-drive for a few days with the torrent client running in the background. This will help spread the file around and allow other people to download a copy for themselves.

Once you have the iso, you should be able to burn it immediately or determine its MD5 hash first and compare it to the one in the text file provided to make sure that the file hasn't been corrupted. For Windows you can do this using the simple, free drag-and-drop utility that can be found here:

You can burn the disc using whatever burner you happen to be using at the moment using the "burn disc image" function (the actual name may vary depending on your software), or directly using you OS's built in function If it has one (e.g. Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu). Failing that, here's a free burning program for Windows that has a "Write Image File to Disc" button right on its start-up page: